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main actual 10th International Seminar for Screen and Digital Printers - Bill 10

10th International Seminar for Screen and Digital Printers - Bill 10

Slovak SDPA in cooperation with Czech SDPA and with kindly FESPA Project Committee support organised 10th International Seminar for Screen and Digital Printers - Bill 10 (10th Anniversary) which took place on 3 - 4 October 2014 in Slnava Sorea hotel, Piestany, Slovakia.

The seminar attracted 100+ participants (screen and digital printers, suppliers, members and non-members and secondary schools students as well) in the print industry with external speakers. Representatives of 10 countries participated.

The programme covered screen and digital printing, special effects, new products and technology and company management.

The first day Michel Caza in role of main speaker hold two data and information intensive presentations covering UV textile printing and Index color printing (really serious even for people working in pre-press).

Special practical presentation with nice samples held by György Kovács showed new cheap an easy to do way in light advertising.

Whereas two presentations of Chris Smith shows more future than history of print and accented how important role social media play in present days and how we can use it for shareing information and make a profit.

Important and very successful part in the seminar´s program was dedicated to open poster and round table discussion. Eight companies presented their brand new products and technologies. The aim of this special activity was to help to share information, bring new ideas and networking opportunity.


Socialising and networking


As is customary at Slovak seminars, the Friday finished with dinner, ten pin bowling and music provided by some members of the association and colleagues. Once again the music was brilliant with many people dancing until the early hours of the morning.

During the evening there was the customary ceremony of inducting citizens into (virtual country) Bacaland with special cake celebrating 10th Anniversary of “Bill Seminar”. The privilege to blow up the 10 candles have been given to SZSDT  VIP guest Bill Appleton from UK.

The second seminar´s day was traditionally used for best practice sharing, short presentations and of course large discussion.

Among others Frantisek Jirovec from sicoprint Praha Company presented his excellent work (special effects) he participated - screen printing of special parts to offset printed copy of historical Vysehradsky kodex book to look like one thousand years old gold and silver sheets. This book have been printed in just 100 copies (to be used for museums, galleries, libraries and art collectors).

Both the Slovak and Czech Associations used this opportunity to display the work produced by students, teachers and young artists this year at some of the FESPA supported workshops.  




Posters (roll-ups) advertising SZSDT activities and branding FESPA logo have been posted on main position in seminar room.

All delegates were presented with a selection of SZSDT branded goods including the latest association brochure, a pen with blank book, polypro folder, car freshener, BILL 10 pillow – all branded and printed by members.


Special thanks to speakers, participants and all who helped to organise and run the successful Bill 10 seminar.


And last but not least thanks to Zuzana Orolinova for her incredible translation skills. She actually makes it easy for the speakers.

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