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main actual BILL 14 conference, Piešťany, Slovakia

BILL 14 conference, Piešťany, Slovakia

I have recently returned from speaking at the BILL 14 conference.  The purpose of this conference was to provide beneficial information for screen and digital wide format printers. Now in its 14th edition, the conference was originally created in honour of Dr Bill Appleton, the British printing lecturer from Gloscat and notorious print enthusiast.

The conference was in Piešťany, a small spa town in Slovakia with 30,000 inhabitants on the Vah river which is a tributary of the great Danube. The town has earned its place as a leading spa, as its thermal springs emerge at 60 °C from a fissure 2.5 mile beneath the landscape. Once the delegates had attended the conference, we enjoyed dinner, ten pin bowling and were given the opportunity to sit in 39-degree water, get covered in sulphuric mud and enjoy a relaxing massage. I was lucky enough to experience all three and I am happy to report I feel years younger, even if my appearance remains unchanged.

The Slovakian Association asked members to supply a film positive from the FESPA TVI test form so that we could measure and provide feedback on how to improve their process. Although this is only a small component of the colour management process, this was well received and has stimulated interest in a workshop that will take place in February 2019. I think there will be more test strips that will arrive in the post for evaluation. If you are interested in participating, please get in touch so that we understand how you’d like to be involved. I concluded my presentation by explaining FESPA’s belief in the value of its role in ISO TC-130 Printing and Graphic Technologies committee for standards development and our renewed membership to the Ghent workgroup (GWG).

This very welcoming event also included an esoteric ritual, which was the induction into the virtual Kingdom of ‘Bacaland’. This community welcomes printers and offers honorary citizenship to a few lucky individuals every year. I was privileged to be inducted as an honorary citizen with a hearty hug and kiss on the forehead by its king. This final element typifies the strength of the Slovakian print Association, its warmth, willingness to share knowledge and the pleasure of meeting numerous new friends. I for one look forward to my return and to covering more technical topics with this most appreciative bunch.    


by Graeme  (shortened)

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BILL 14 conference, Piešťany, Slovakia

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