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Textil SitoWorkshop SZSDT 2019

Graeme Richardson-Locke shares his experience of attending FESPA’s Slovakian Association, SZSDT’s two-day textile workship in Bratislava that focused on techniques for printing on garments.

FESPA’s Slovakian association of screen and digital printers, the SZSDT organised a two-day workshop event in Most Pri Bratislava on the 15th-16th February. The event included discussions and demonstrations of techniques for printing on garments using the training centre of KASI, a respected supplier within the Slovakian and Czech Republic community.

FESPA supported the project and I was very pleased to be invited to the event. I demonstrated how to print better CMYK on white shirts using 144 micron stochastic screening. This was achieved using separations created using the GrafcoAST RIP and an Epson printer for imaging film positives. The workshop was designed around an audience of 30 delegates but due to high demand it was expanded to support 50 printers.


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Textil SitoWorkshop SZSDT 2019 - Graeme


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Textil SitoWorkshop SZSDT 2019 - Graeme Photo

Textil SitoWorkshop SZSDT 2019 - Martančík Photo

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